Oprah is looking for Princess Leia collectors

Oprah Winfrey’s people are looking for collectors of Princess Leia merchandise:

Are you a big Star Wars fanatic obsessed with Princess Leia? Do you collect the biggest, best, most outrageous Princess Leia memorabilia in the universe? We’re looking for fans with the most unique collectors’ items out there. Do you have a special edition Princess Leia Pez dispenser, a life-sized model of Princess Leia — or do you own all the Princess Leia figurines/dolls in existence?

If other Star Wars fans are envious of your unusual collection of Princess Leia goodies — then we want to hear from you!

Could Carrie Fisher be going on the show? Maybe Katie? We’ll find out.

5 Replies to “Oprah is looking for Princess Leia collectors”

  1. It looks like Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds will be guests on an upcoming show. I don’t think I have any unique Leia stuff, but I’ll fill out the form and give it a shot.

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