No, seriously: Britney Spears wants your fan fiction

BRITNEY AND DOOGIE OMG!!!I don’t think that Britney’s people have entirely thought this concept through. So let’s hold a contest of our own: Post your own wild and crazy (well, not too crazy: Keep it PG-13) crossover fan fiction ideas. Any fandom, but it better have Britney. The one that brings the most lulz will win… Well, nothing. Save our laughter. DOOOOOO IIIITTTT.

6 Replies to “No, seriously: Britney Spears wants your fan fiction”

  1. Oh, wow. On every level. I’m torn between speechlessness and maniacal laughter. Someone needed to introduce Britney’s people to some of the more disturbing elements of fanfic *before* this went live. :D

  2. AHAHAHAHAHA. Oh, God, I need to go look at the Inevitable ONTD Thread About This.

    I knew Brit-Brit was crazy and all, but I thought she was now in the hands of non-crazy people? This appears to belie that.

  3. Let’s start Britney off in Harry Potter world, as Hermione looks suspiciously like Lindsay Lohan, then Britney will be picking up the role of Luna. When Ginny catches her making out with Harry, the firey redhead zaps her with a wand whammy that sends her tumbling into…

    (I have to go to work, anyone else wannna pick this up?)

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