New Wraith Squadron novel is X-Wing: Mercy Kill

The title for Aaron Allston’s new Wraith Squadron novel will be X-Wing: Mercy Kill, Del Rey revealed on Facebook. It will be, Leland Chee points out on Twitter, the first X-Wing novel since 1999.

The book is currently scheduled to be released next July.

10 Replies to “New Wraith Squadron novel is X-Wing: Mercy Kill

  1. I’ve been waiting twelve years for this series to return. It’s taking just about everything I have not to run around the office like an idiot.

  2. YES YES YESSSSS! OMG! I’m so excited I’M GOING TO DIE! Wraith Squadron cracks me up like no other SW series…hooray for Silly Squadron! If I weren’t at work I’d literally be jumping up and down right now…

  3. Wow, 12 years? Last time I read these I was in grade school… geez, I suddenly feel old.


  4. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!
    Maybe it’s part of how often I’ve reread an X-Wing book here or there over the years, but I just can’t at all believe that it’s been that long.

    Fourteen years between releases. Song of Ice and Fire fans don’t know what waiting really is!

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