New Star Trek TV idea generates buzz

The Star Trek franchise has been off the television air since 2005. (Dang, really?) After a few ideas that seem to have died on the vine, there’s a producer developing a new Star Trek series for television that is at least talking a good talk by showing up at the annual Creation Star Trek Las Vegas Convention to pitch his idea to the fans.

David Foster (of 1947 Entertainment and not music-producer fame)  is proposing a series set post-Voyager. And we have the “younger and edgier” line, but combined with staying true to Gene’s vision.

He does have experience working the fan base, having gotten folks worked up about his project with Richard Hatch on his Battlestar Galactica reboot trailer. But there doesn’t seem to be much beyond that on his resume.

Still. Stranger things have happened. If he manages to hook up with a seasoned Hollywood commodity, enthusiasm could get Star Trek back on the air. (Maybe?)

5 Replies to “New Star Trek TV idea generates buzz”

  1. That would be cool, I was at that Convention and heard about this, but people were saying Shatner has been trying to do that too with no luck (not sure how accurate that is though), so it is unsure if Foster can. Also, as cool as that would be, my favorite character–Q, wouldn’t be on it :(. de Lancie (still one of the nicest actors at the con) said no one would want to see and old Q, lol! (He’s good in Torchwood though). However, Patrick Stewart did say he would be interested in a cameo on Big Bang Theory.

  2. Oh, well if he worked on Richard Hatch’s unfulfilled, mid-90s vanity project then you know that his ideas HAVE to be good.

  3. I think any new show should continue the ‘old’ timeline and be set a decade after Voyager. That way there are plenty of familiar guest stars available and a lot of plot lines go follow. I think a Bad Robot era series will follow this new run of films anyway, which is hopefully a long way off.

  4. It would be nice. I just don’t think I have much faith in this happening, but sometimes someone creating buzz wakes up others to the possibilities.

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