Movie News: Marvel, Blade Runner, Batman

AICN claims that Marvel is writing Nick Fury into Iron Man. And guess who they say is taking on the role of the infamously badass superspy?

Okay, seriously: Samuel L. Jackson. Mind, the source is AICN, and the information is unconfirmed, but who better?

You caught me in a transitional period

2 Replies to “Movie News: Marvel, Blade Runner, Batman”

  1. I definitely believe they’d make another Pirates movie, and why not go to Atlantis? But some of the other bits in there sound like Pillars of Storge. Rumors are fun.

  2. Fun fact: in the Marvel Ultimate universe, Nick Fury is based on Sam Jackson.

    Not so fun fact: David Hasselhoff was the last actor to play Nick Fury.


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