New Blade Runner without Harrison Ford?

Following up with the announcement that Ridley Scott is returning to helm another Blade Runner film, producer Andrew Kosove is not interested in having Harrison Ford return to the Rick Deckard role. Kosove told the LA Times blog: “But if you’re asking me will this movie have anything to do with Harrison Ford, the answer is no. This is a total reinvention, and in my mind that means doing everything fresh, including casting.” Kosove, from Alcon Entertainment, also reports that the earliest that shooting could begin would be early 2013, meaning that the soonest that the film could be out would be 2014.

Following the Blade Runner buzz:

Ridley Scott to revisit Blade Runner

Deadline reports that Ridley Scott has committed to directing and producing another Blade Runner movie, almost thirty years after the release of the first cult sci-fi classic. No details yet on whether the new film for Alcon Entertainment, will be a sequel, prequel or reboot to the dystopic franchise that had Harrison Ford portray a cop hunting down replicants, robots that look human in a corporate-controlled urban future.

MTV gleaned from Ford in July that he hasn’t rejected a return to the Deckard role, and that he was in touch with some of the new film’s people. A new Blade Runner won’t be Scott’s first return to one of his masterpieces – he’s currently working on Prometheus, which an Alien prequel – sort of.

With Scott returning to his earlier works, it seems that the 1980s-remake bandwagon is nearly complete – all we need is a reboot to E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and a sequel to The Abyss.

Drive-by movie news: Crowe doubleteams Nottingham, Thor, Blade Runner, Spider-Man

The only reason anyone still watches that crappy Costner movieAnd his merry men: Russell Crowe to play both Robin Hood and the sheriff in Ridley Scott’s Nottingham. Well, at least he can do the accent, unlike some actors I can think of. (Can we just cast Alan Rickman and pretend Prince of Thieves never happened? Even if they have to tone down the evil? No? Oh well.)

Star Wars second on AFI’s top 10 sci-fi

Those crazy list-making folks at the American Film Institute have placed A New Hope in second place on their list of the top 10 science fiction films. Click through to see the original trailer and some clips of James Earl Jones talking about the film.

The top spot goes to 2001, with E.T., A Clockwork Orange, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Blade Runner, Alien, Terminator 2, the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Back to the Future rounding out the choices.

There’s a fantasy list as well, which includes The Wizard of Oz, Fellowship of the Ring, and King Kong.

Movie news: Indy 4, JLA, Blade Runner

Rumor Mill of the Crystal Skullindy4tease.jpg

Franchise Madness

And then…

SDCC: The final roundup

I did not regret not going to Comic-Con until I heard this: They showed a Futurama trailer. Why is it not online? This is so unfair.

You changed the outcome by measuring it!

Trailers and such

Blade Runner turns 25

Star Wars isn’t the only sci-fi classic celebrating a milestone this year – Mythbuster Adam Savage’s appreciation of Blade Runner‘s special effects in Popular Mechanics. The film is getting another DVD rerelease in September (That’s three more times than any Star Wars film so far, fanboys) and the latest version will be in theaters this fall. (via SF Signal)

When I was in college, I had an Imagemaking class where we had to create a new opening sequence for an existing movie. Inexplicably, I chose Blade Runner, which I’d never seen all the way through beforehand. Although my final project wasn’t any good (it was my first time doing anything with motion graphics – I really should have known better,) I did sit down and watch the movie several times in a matter of weeks. We know very well wasn’t the first to deal in a used future setting, but it certainly perfected it. Really, I ought to pick up that DVD…

Movie News: Marvel, Blade Runner, Batman

AICN claims that Marvel is writing Nick Fury into Iron Man. And guess who they say is taking on the role of the infamously badass superspy?

Okay, seriously: Samuel L. Jackson. Mind, the source is AICN, and the information is unconfirmed, but who better?

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