More polls, please!

Imadra Blue is polling for Star Wars fandom preferences on the Livejournal. It’s mainly a saga (mostly prequel) oriented poll, both because that’s Jax’s corner of fandom and because there isn’t really a huge contingent of active EU fans there. (Obligatory pimping of starwars_eu and marafics. And yes, there will be a giant EU poll sooner rather than later. As usual, I have more ideas than time to type them.)

And don’t forget to vote in our first sidebar poll! Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has been holding a steady lead in what you want the most for 2008. Looks like I’ll have to buy JawaJames a whip!

2 Replies to “More polls, please!”

  1. Thanks for sharing the link! I tried to include all the main film characters I could fit until I rant out of room, but I encourage EU fans and fans of the secondary characters to check “Other” on the polls and comment with the names of the characters and pairings they support, so I can tally it up. Mara and Artoo, for example, are doing well in the comments. :)

    Next time I do one of these, I’m going to have it better organized, with a spot for the main film characters (I might separate heroes from villains), the secondary film characters, and as many popular EU characters as I can dig up.

    And I’d love it if you did a giant EU poll, though I expect that my answers will be limited. XD However, it will increase my knowledge of the EU.

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