More Gatey Goodness!

Joe Mallozzi continues to share the love with the Stargate fans by posting pictures from filming of the latest Stargate Atlantis episode in production. And there are shots of a certain guest star rehearsing who will look just a wee bit familiar to SG1 fans. (Yeah, baybee!) And another guest star who has been requested by many of the SGA fans. (Another “yeah, baybee” from me!)

Needless to say, since this is filming for Season 4, this means that you could be a wee bit spoiled for Season 4. So don’t get whiny about it!

In semi-related news, SciFi posts a short interview with SG1 actorMichael Shanks in which he describes what is sure to be the “riveting” storyline for his upcoming SciFi Saturday movie MegaSnake.

Gee. You think this movie will have snakes in it?