Mary wants your crafting nightmares!

A message from the Mighty Mary Franklin:

I am writing my Bantha Tracks editorial to go with a “Craft” theme, and have decided to write about great Star Wars craft ideas gone all to hell. I know we have some great stories in Club Jade alone! PG and Yav’s “Twin Suns of Corellia” costume, for example, or Jar Jar the F*&*^#g Pinata.

Please send me a brief story and pictures of your Star Wars crafts gone wrong to

To meet my deadline for Insider magazine, please send by tomorrow (Tuesday) night. However, if I get a lot of good stories like this I will do a special feature in Bantha Tracks Online, too! Thanks! Jessa.

2 Replies to “Mary wants your crafting nightmares!”

  1. I am laughing too, Mark! At the whole “Twin Suns of Corellia thing…” ha!
    James Floyd, thank you for sending me the very funny pictures already. Slave 1 out of a steam iron…awesome!

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