March of the comic book guys

Fanboys a force in Hollywood, says Time. “Though there are some fangirls,” huh? Nice.

There are larger issues at work here, of course: Do ‘alpha fans’ really have power? Should they (we?) have power? And what about overpronounced backlash ala ‘Jar-Jar raped my childhood?’ Time certainly isn’t breaking new ground or going in-depth with the issue, but I can’t help wondering when someone is going to bother to address the obvious gender divide in fandom. Because, hi, we’re here too. And that doesn’t mean we’re all making pink websites or mooning over the geekthrob du jour.

One Reply to “March of the comic book guys”

  1. Gah. We’re all over the place doing all sorts of things, but we get no articles. (I’m almost afraid that we will, because of the odds of it being a “Look at the strange and freakish fangirls trying to be like boys!” type of article.) Because fangirls don’t spend money? I don’t think so. No, it’s still just not important when girls do it, I guess. The twenty-first century is definitely not living up to its hype.

    Or should that be “teh 21st century raped my childhood!!11!”?

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