Lucas still hunting for Indy V MacGuffin

New York Magazine’s Vulture blog caught up with George Lucas at The Adventures of Tintin premiere and learned that despite earlier comments by Steven Spielberg about the movie concept being done, Lucas is still seeking a key plot point for a fifth Indiana Jones film. Lucas said: “but I really haven’t found the MacGuffin yet. I mean, I know what it’s about, but I just have to find a MacGuffin that fits into the arena we’re working in.”

Meanwhile, Spielberg reported to MTV that making a fifth Indy film wouldn’t be made just to prove something to the audience (when compared to general fan reaction that felt that the most recent film, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, was a letdown compared to other Indy outings).

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  1. Sir Dan and I did that for one of our treasure hunts – the wizards quest for the Wand of Macguffin. I’m thinking it should be Lord MacGuffin’s priceless statue of a bird dating back to the Norman Conquest… ie, a Millennium-(old) Falcon.

    Although with a Macguffin search, perhaps its supernatural power is to break the fourth wall.

  2. At least there’s one bit of hope: They have agreed on a genre. Which would suggest that the whole 50s sci-fi disaster was a one-time only thing.
    Personally I would love to see a 60s secret agent movie starring Indy, with the MacGuffin being some sort of ancient American idol or thingy burried on Cuba and the Cuba missile crisis acting as a coverup. Yes, it sounds weird, but Indy got a Hitler autograph, so it could actually work out. ;-)

  3. Dope-pushing neo-nazis…. that have got his daughter. And Indy has Short Round as his kung fu sidekick. And they fight Kareem Abdul Jabar for some reason.

  4. But these dope-pushing neo-nazis have a shadowy corporate bigshot pulling their strings, so that radical professor Indy can stick it to the man, right?

    Short Round would be in his fifties at this point? But he’s adopted two kids of his own – one’s a kung fu expert, and one’s a getaway driver.

  5. I think Indy would have retired though. Live in a nice brownstone neighborhood. Or at least it was nice. Until the trash moved in. And now, it’s up to him to clean it up.

  6. retired from the professor stuff? sure.

    retired from adventuring or dealing with jive turkeys? never.

    what if, instead of rescuing his daughter from druggie neo-nazis… he’s trying to get his eyeball back?

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