One Reply to “Let the Wookiee win”

  1. BML may have a good point – at what point in the films is Chewie Han’s “wingman” (as in “backing Han up” or “protecting his rear”:

    A New Hope: Greedo “jumps” Han in the Cantina – where’s Chewie? Off getting the Falcon ready!!

    Empire (#1): Darth Vader “traps” Han & Co on cloud city – where’s Chewie? Right beside him roaring his fuzzy head off! Yeah, Vader’s really scared of a Wookie roar!!

    Empire (#2): Han is being lowered into carbonite freezing chamber – where’s Chewie? Watching poor Han, STILL ROARING AT VADER, but now with C-3PO strapped to his back!!

    Jedi (#1): Han (still blinded) is trying to protect Luke from Boba Fett during the fight at the Sarlac pit – where’s Chewie? He’s sitting DOWN!

    Jedi (#2): Han & Co are trying to find Leia after the speeder bike race – where’s Chewie? He’s the one that springs a trap that captures everyone!!

    If anyone is anyone’s wingman in the sense of backing them up or protecting their rear, it is surely R2-D2! In each film R2 has “saved” one or more people/droids by its own actions by “being there” at the right time (when it’s needed the most).

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