I’ve stopped counting

Must stop doing these things at midnight…

The Reader’s Digest article starring our Supreme Chancellor and featuring quotes from the fearsome PG is now online. You will read it.

The New York Sun says Star Wars fans may have a “psychological disorder” and “don’t really have a clear sense of self”. No one’s going to deny that the fandom doesn’t have a few wackos, but you don’t have to generalize. Maybe they need to take a look at Reader’s Digest.

My hometown paper The Detroit News has a 1A article today on the films and the fans. I strongly advise you to answer the Cybersurvey. The Free Press and their Knight Ridder cohorts have a wealth of coverage as well.

Finally, CNN covers the charity premieres, featuring the shocking news that Kelsey Grammer, of all people, auditioned for the Han Solo role.

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  1. I’m curious, does the New York Sun think all people devoted to their hobbies have “psychological disorders” and no “clear sense of self,” or are just Star Wars fans that special?

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