It’s the circle of life, and it moves us all: Last week’s best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets

Shockingly, Disney buying Lucasfilm continued to dominate Twitter. Get your share of the snark now.

Best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets for Oct. 29-Nov.. 4

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Guys, it’s our children’s job to complain about how Disney Star Wars won’t be as good as the Phantom Menace of their youth. We’re done here.shekbaker
I wouldn’t trust any Star Wars speculation at this point… Unless it came from Nate Silver. @fivethirtyeightPablo Hidalgo
Waiting for Bob Iger to walk into my darkened living room and say, "I’m here to talk to you about the Star Wars initiative."Mandy Bulat
"Trust no one." ~My motto until we see the first OFFICIAL trailer/plot indicator for Episode VII.Bria
The new Star Wars trilogy will mean that the OT will be the Empire Strikes back of the trilogies.Justin Robert Young
Let’s just let every Hollywood so-and-so who wants to make Star Wars, make Star Wars. Whoever does best makes the rest.Jill Pantozzi
"Once there was a Skywalker, and he lived with his Yoda in the swamp." – Star Wars Episode VII: Beasts of Southern DagobahDave Itzkoff
Though I think what gets lost in a lot of this Disney/Lucasfilm talk is what a strong force Kathy Kennedy is. SHE is making the films.Jennifer Heddle
Most people in Hollywood would kill for Kathy Kennedy’s expertise and track record. Star Wars is in great hands. Disney knows that.Jennifer Heddle
Based on the success of "The Avengers" I feel like what the new #StarWars needs to take hold in the popular imagination is obscure Arab foodAdam Bertocci
dudes– imagine if The Courtship of Princess Leia got THE DISNEY TREATMENT. IMAGINE IT WITH YOUR MIND.Sarah
In addition to 1138s perhaps #StarWars Episode VII will have hidden Mickeys.Matt Martin
I can’t wait for George Lucas to make eight more AMERICAN GRAFFITI films, as he’s promised to for decades.Nick Mamatas
I like to imagine a world where Jack Sparrow and Han Solo pillage the loot in the most badass of manners. Now I can.Andrew Lupi
Episode VII to be written entirely based on Twitter suggestions.Kristen Hidalgo
Oh yeah, Halloween:
My Halloween Costume: Disney Lawyer. AND I WIlL SUBPEONA EVERY KID IN A STAR WARS COSTUME I SEE TONIGHT!!!Damon Lindelof
Has anyone ever been Star Wars for Halloween? Not one of the characters. I mean Star Wars.David Hellman
It’s a good thing Disney bought Lucasfilm. This year I noticed that Star Wars costumes were way down while Princesses were everywhere!Matt Dougherty
Me to Kid in Stormtrooper Costume: "You excited for the new movies?" Kid: "What?" Me: "New Star Wars in 3 years." Kid: "Shut UP!"Damon Lindelof
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The Expanded Universe

As far as we all know here, it’s still business as usual. I am personally VERY excited to work on books for Episodes VII, VIII, and IX. :)Jennifer Heddle
Yeah, re: how new movies will affect EU? I don’t know yet. We’ll let you guys know when we know.Jennifer Heddle
I really hope the Dramatis Personae entry for Winter in my Scoundrels ARC stays the same in the final book. #SWEU Geller
This morning, my dog Mara was being a pest. So I told her that she was going to be wiped out of the #SWEU if she didn’t behave. #EpisodeVIINancipants
"Woo Woo All Aboard the Waru" ~@MandyBu’s suggested title for my #SWEU rereadBria
I’m sure Brian Wood’s STAR WARS comic will be okay, but if it doesn’t have a giant green space rabbit smuggler in it, then I don’t care.Christopher Bird
Can’t tell what’s more fun: writing Han Solo being a dick or Threepio being a dick.Brian Wood

The Clone Wars

Watching this morning’s #CloneWars. Ahsoka says only each Padawan can know which crystal to pick. "The wand chooses the wizard, Harry."Eric Geller
I loved The Gathering. This arc looks very interesting with lots of morals. And the animation has just gotten amazing! #CloneWarsOmar A. Sulaiman
The Gathering was really good. I want to see Obi-wan and Anakins trials on Ilum. #Clonewarspaul depaola
It’s official. Everyone thought the baby Jedi today on #TheCloneWars were adorable! Gungi and Byph in particular made everyone go: AWWWW!Jo
Im totally obsessed with the young #Wookie in this weeks #CloneWars #WookiesForeverMaidenOfTheDark
Yoda’s new character model in @TheCloneWars has me very excited for what’s in store for him. #CloneWarsJustin LaSalata
I think the latest episode of #TheCloneWars wins the award for most adorable 22 minutes ever.Gregg Katzman
#CloneWars Pink droids aren’t just for being cute – in World War II, pink was used as military camouflage! Horton

Star Wars life

Not something I was expecting to find in the middle of the desert… #StarWars Standefer
Real men prefer Brave Leia over Slave Leia.Cliff Bleszinski
Somehow, wikipedia took me from learning about the Star Wars Expanded Universe to discovering that Beatrice Arthur was a Marine in WWII.David Lee

(Additional) snark

I wish somebody would talk about STAR WARS. This area is under-covered.Matthew Seitz
imagine if someone paid you billions of dollars to make a bunch of nerds angry all the time. george lucas has the coolest job.Alison Stevenson
We didn’t "invade" Hoth, we were just doing an advanced preview screening of Star Wars on ice for the Rebels. #StarWars #DisneyDeath Star PR
After watching The Phantom Menace, I can confirm that Lady Gaga is just one of Queen Amidala’s decoys.Kane’s Son
I pray to god that there’s a planet of just Donald Ducks in the next Star Wars movieAndrew
Thanks to Disney I am going to have to listen to Star Wars fans complain for another decade.First World Problems