Is this the script for Episode VII?

Bad Robot's Mystery script

The official Bad Robot account tweeted the above picture earlier this evening, with this text:

Hot off the presses. Can you guess what's behind the cover? #FoundAtBR #MysteryScript

Is it Episode VII? Could be. After all, what other projects that Bad Robot is working on are hotly anticipated enough for people to get excited about a script being done? I’m pretty sure that the next Star Trek isn’t that far along yet, but maybe one of their TV shows? (Pretty thick for a TV script.) Cloverfield 2?

Okay, okay, it’s probably Episode VII. Now let’s see if they admit anything further.

6 Replies to “Is this the script for Episode VII?”

  1. I wonder which they will confirm first: that that is the script, or that Mark, Carrie, and Harrison are coming back?

  2. Doubt it, where is the Lucasfilm logo? I bet confirmation of the original 3 returning will be made at CE in a few weeks.

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