Inside the new Star Wars Insider with Pablo Hidalgo

I admit it – sometimes it’s hard not to be a snob about print. Yeah, I still love reading magazines, but when it comes to news? They’re slow. Still, looks like Star Wars fans owe Pablo Hidalgo and the Star Wars Insider crew a small debt for making sure that the sequel news actually got into the next possible issue, as Pablo reveals in his latest blog entry.

We were disappointed to find out that the Insider interview with George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy was transcribed from the videos (4 of the 5 of which we’ve already seen,) but Pablo does reveal that the Insider version has some content that “will never make it into the web series.” (The fifth video – and last, reportably – will go online the 31st.)

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  1. I’m glad we have the Kennedy/Lucas interview transcribed for future reference . . . you can never tell when that sort of content might disappear from the official site, and I like having a record of one of the biggest moments in LFL history.

    (Also, “Heist” was fun.)

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