Indy IV wraps production.. in Fresno!

According to this report by, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull wrapped production this week, with some filming at Eagle Field near Fresno.

…and in other Indy-news, the tour of the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones DVD Set, Volume 1 continues:

  • Disc Seven contains the episode “Journey of Radiance”, in which young Indy travels to India and encounters Theosophists, then journeys onto China, where he falls ill. The disc also includes documentaries on Jiddu Krishnamurti, Annie Besant, Chinese medicine, and Eastern spirituality.

  • Disc Eight contains the episode “Spring Break Adventures”, which has Indy first solving a mystery in Thomas Edison’s lab, then getting caught up in Mexico with Pancho Villa’s gang.
  • Disc Nine has six documentaries stemming from the episode “Spring Break Adventures”, including coverage on Thomas Edison, Edward Stratemeyer, Pancho Villa, John J. Pershing, andGeorge Patton.
  • Disc Ten contains the episode “Love’s Sweet Song”, covering Indy’s role in the Easter Rebellion in Ireland, then falling in love with a young suffragette in England (played by Elizabeth Hurley).

    Want to catch up on your Young Indy before the DVD release?

    The History Channel has been playing episodes of the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones on Saturday mornings at 7 AM (Eastern and Pacific) / (6 am Central) (also on Sunday mornings at 8 AM on History International). This week’s episode is “Spring Break Adventures”.

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    1. I guess no one would expect to see them in Fresno, of all places, so leaks would be less of a problem?

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