In the news: Star Wars Uncut, legal Jedi, inductee George, and the saga through new eyes

Mainstream recognition So the tauntaun sleeping bag got in the New York Times, but Star Wars Uncut made it to ABC News.

And here we thought his heart was two sizes too small… The Missouri Salvation Army has a unique approach to getting folks to drop a dollar or two into the kettle: Darth Vader. (via)

To be a copyright attorney takes the most serious mind, the deepest commitment. profiles “Jedi Lawyer” David Anderman – he heads Lucasfilm’s legal team and has been with the company for 11 years. His specialty? Intellectual property, naturally. (via)

Fame game. Lest we forget, George Lucas is being inducted into the California Hall of Fame today.

Final word. PopMatter’s Monte Williams takes on the popular assumptions about Star Wars. It’s an interesting enough read that I’m willing to forgive the extremely groanworthy headline.

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  1. Monte Williams makes some interesting points, that actually made me realize what it was I liked so much about the new Star Trek film–they didn’t OD on CGI. The new Trek feels more like old Star Wars than the new Star Wars, because it’s almost all physical–those are actors walking on real sets in real costumes using real props. CGI is used to enhance things, not create the entire movie.

  2. To me Star Wars Uncut is a genuinely wonderful project. That’s what the fandom should be about: Getting together, celebrating the films and not bitching about this or that minor fact all the time.
    So three cheers to the guys and gals in charge and all the best!

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