I refuse to believe this is for real

Higher than average whinging is expected in the wake of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, yes. But a helpline?

Retailers fear that the ending of the series and the accompanying deaths could cause such level of distress among fans that Waterstone’s, a major bookseller, are planning to set up a helpline for readers.

Because no beloved character has ever died in fiction before. Quick, hide the Russian literature section! (via fandom lounge)

4 Replies to “I refuse to believe this is for real”

  1. Sheesh! Can’t they just write alternate-ending fanfics like everybody else?

    *looks guilty*

  2. Ok, if you’re disturbed enough to kill yourself because of Harry freakin’ Potter, chances are you’re disturbed enough to kill yourself period. In whichcase there are a significant number of helplines to suit your needs.

    I have a feeling they’ll be getting calls from people who just want to talk about the book.

  3. If anyone actually kills themselves over HP, I will consider it a victory for natural selection.

    They’d be better off organizing a book club. ;)

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