Gross prejudice against buns

Behold! The Jedi mullet!Leia and Padme (twice!) make Yahoo’s list of the Worst Hairstyles in Movies, along with a certain poncy elf, Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka, Halle Berry’s Storm, and a lot of ironically-coiffed folks from Frat Pack movies.

But what’s missing? The Padawan Mullet! While Padme had some weird hair, it’s not every day you run into a style that can fug up Ewan McGregor. Or how about Luke’s toddler do from Return of the Jedi? Man, I need to stop thinking about this, or I’ll be editing this post all day.

One Reply to “Gross prejudice against buns”

  1. The thing is– most of their selections were hairstyles that you may not wear in real life, but perfectly fit the character they are playing.

    The Padawan Mullet definitely should have made the list. Especially since we didn’t have to suffer just through Ewan, but Anakin too! UGH.

    I just feel bad for whoever added Legolas because there will be justice for that one from Luci and a long list of folks. ;)

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