GateGeek: Stargate Universe trailer hits theaters and the hype grows

Okay.  If you saw the trailer online before, nothing much has really changed.  But MGM is putting this trailer into theaters, which means they’re really trying to get the hype rolling for the impending October 2nd air date:

Speaking of air, would you like to see some slightly spoilery photos from the premiere episode?

Still not enough?  Well, writer-producer Joe Mallozzi has all sorts of fun, nifty, behind-the-scenes stuff planned for his blog; including a Q&A with resident geek David Blue. (Get in your questions now.)

And then there’s the press blitz which has kicked off with some exclusive SyFy interviews with David Blue and Lou Diamond PhillipsMing Na (who is also a major geek; especially for Star Wars) has also indicated that she’s been doing a lot of press.

Yes, for all of you loudly complaining about how you plan on boycotting SGU, you’re just going to have to avoid the media for a while.  I’m pretty psyched, though, if I can just stay away from spoilers!