Gate Round-Up

Have I mentioned, lately, that the new season of Stargate Atlantis starts up this Friday on SciFi? I have? Just wanted to make sure.

In anticipation of this event, there is tons of Stargate news to be had. Please don’t let that deluge keep you from tuning in on Friday, though. I’d like a Season 5, please, and the first few episodes’ ratings apparently will make it or break it.

The highlights:
– GateWorld interviews Jewel Staite who really hopes the fans will give her a chance as she’s friends with Paul McGillion and didn’t think she was replacing him.
Rachel Luttrell is pretty happy with Teyla’s storyline in Season 4
– The men rejoice, Kari Wuhrer has been cast in an upcoming episode
Michael Shanks didn’t manage to completely avoid the cold while filming the upcoming Stargate movies. Plus playing with real F-15’s. It doesn’t suck to be an actor

Stargate actors are doing things outside the series, as well:
Richard Dean Anderson will be hosting the Dublin release of Halo 3. Okay.
David Hewlett‘s movie A Dog’s Breakfast managed to crack the Top 100 on Amazon. Plus now, there’s a soundtrack! Still no Hewlett 2.0, though.
– And there’s still time to bid on a duffle bag signed by the SG-1 cast to benefit an Atlantis crew member’s son. Too late to bid? You can still make donations.