Gate Geek – The Trio on to Midway

A few items of interest for those of the Gate persuasion:

  • Tonight’s episode is Trio.  There is, as always, a preview on the official site, as well as GateWorld’s compilation of all the little tidbits they can find.  (Here there be spoilers.)
  • SciFi’s Stargate blog couldn’t actually talk to either Martin Gero or Martin Wood (always a fun combination of writer and director), so they snuck into the DVD editing suite and previewed the feature on Trio coming up for the Season 4 DVD.
  • Moving on to another episode, GateWorld managed to get a sneak preview scene for Midway; that features the appearance of a beloved SG1 character.  (It does give away some of the basic storyline, if that concerns you.  But in a less major story development, I can tell you that I also prefer tater tots.)