Gate Geek – Own the Stargate

A year-long auction of Stargate memorabilia has begun.  The auction, run by the same company that did last year’s Battlestar Galactica sell-off, is supposedly of items that the production company knew they’d not need for future movies. (via)

Of course, this only reinforces the fan perception that the new straight-to-DVD movies will never happen.  MGM has been unable to gather the funding to launch them in the current economy.  But after 15 years, one can imagine that their prop storage is full to busting at the seams.  Still, Stargate fans enjoy some good angst, so the worry continues.

Actor David Hewlett (Rodney McKay) has proposed another idea on his Twitter, though:

Okay, here’s the plan: We buy everything, put it all back together, and then we make the Stargate Atlantis movie.

3 Replies to “Gate Geek – Own the Stargate”

  1. Selling off what they don’t need for movies…. So they are selling off Sheppard’s costume, lots of the Atlantis sets – does not bode well :(

  2. Bare in mind that production companies often have many, many copies of costumes and sets. If you read the Sheppard description, it was never worn.

    I’m still hopeful. Of course, I think it would happen sooner if someone could figure out a model to allow fans to finance a movie. Better yet, set up a grant fund. You don’t get a return investment on grants, so there would be no legal grounds for suits, etc. (Although folks would try, I’m sure.)

  3. Yeesh is shipping expensive! & in the small print they say that price is just the packaging, the actual shipping cost will be added on on top of that! Feh

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