Gate Geek – Fast-Talkin’ Showdown

Tonight!  Tonight is the long-awaited showdown between two of the fastest talkers in the business:  Michael Shanks and David Hewlett.  Yes, Daniel Jackson and Rodney McKay head out on what’s being described as a “heist movie” in tonight’s episode First Contact.  (The fact that it represents the mid-season break will not depress me in the least.)

  • Michael’s pretty excited about it and also about some other projects.
  • Writer Martin Gero is also pretty excited, but a little frustrated that he wrote 64 pages for those two (an obscene amount of pages for a TV show) and they still didn’t run over time.

Oh, just go watch “the best [and last] season ever.”

2 Replies to “Gate Geek – Fast-Talkin’ Showdown”

  1. Rodney Mckay & Daniel Jackson showdown???
    Man, I hope they’re going to air the 5th season soon over here. I don’t want to wait more then a year, like they usually let you wait for new seasons :-(
    (Seriously, they never even aired the West Wing beyond the 5 th season. Thank goodness for the DVD’s)

  2. Sounds a bit like the season nine SG-1 episode where they had to run all over creation wheeling and dealing with all of the people Vaala had screwed over in the past. I rather liked that one. Should be fun.

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