Gate Geek – Atlantis movie and Awards!

There has been much angst and gnashing of teeth about the lack of movement on the promised Stargate Atlantis movie.  Producer Joe Mallozzi vaguely tries to reassure fans that these things take time in this wacky business and they haven’t forgotten about us.  Maybe in the fall?

Speaking of Stargate movies, Stargate Continuum racked up 11 Leo Award nominations!  And the above-mentioned Stargate Atlantis?  Sixteen.  (Okay, so Leo’s are a kinda local thing to the Vancouver area, but still nice to have kudos.)

In a slightly better-known award, Brad Wright was nominated for a Nebula for the SGA episode “The Shrine.”

4 Replies to “Gate Geek – Atlantis movie and Awards!”

  1. Personally, I’m not going to believe there will be an Atlantis movie until the day there’s an actual physical DVD of it available (or it airs on SciFi, which ever they do first).

  2. The thing is – I’ve never trusted TPTB – which is probably why I’m not as upset with all the changes that have happened as other fans seem to be. To me it’s never personal – I figure TPTB wanted to focus on SGU since it’s cheaper – which is fine with me if that’s what they need to do. I may not be happy with everything they’ve done but it’s easy for me to move on to the next thing.

  3. “The Shrine” was a fantastic episode. I hope he wins.

    I’ll be disappointed if they don’t make an Atlantis movie (or two), since ostensibly that was one of the reasons to end the show.

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