Gate Geek – All the single ladies….

(via) Finally…we find out about the ladies of Stargate Universe (and another guy, for good measure).  Universe started production last week, so it’s nice to get this clarified.  Michael Ausiello and the Hollywood Reporter got the exclusive announcement rights (even before the MGM website).

And the ladies are:

  • Ming-Na – Formerly of ER fame and now playing Camille Wray, “an HR bigwig and highest ranking survivor.”
  • Elyse Levesque – Best known to genre fans for her work on Smallville and playing, “Chloe Armstrong, the wild and immature daughter of a U.S. Senator.”
  • Alaina Huffman (who has another name on IMDB) – Another Smallville alum who will be playing MSgt. Tamara Johansen, a field medic assigned to treat the seriously wounded.  (Given Stargate’s history, this does not bode well for her ultimate survival, but we can only wish her the best.)

A bit of a surprise announcement (to me, at least) is Lou Diamond Phillips (La Bamba) who has joined the cast as Col. Telford, “a lifelong military man and the chosen leader of the ill-fated expedition.”  (Confused.  I thought that was Robert Carlyle‘s role?  Is Telford not long for the Universe?  Or am I perpetually confused?)

Either way, I’m liking how this cast is shaping up.  Here’s hoping they pull off a good show!

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