Here’s the Shadow of Malevolence Y-Wing

At least, io9 (beware, link contains massive Heroes and Transformers spoilers, among others) says this is a Y-Wing, and since this week’s webcomic deals with them I see no reason to doubt. It actually looks kind of like a cylon raider – something about the bit in the middle – but that’s why I’m not a spaceship guru. (Still, we did see concept art of this one way back.) And is that what I think it is in the background? Bypass the actual spoilers to view a larger version.

…Or just bypass them alltogether with the preview, and another still.

4 Replies to “Here’s the Shadow of Malevolence Y-Wing”

  1. Uh…that’s actually just the back of a Y-Wing, and hardly the first look – they’ve been in just about every trailer so far.

  2. “the ass-end looks like a Cylon”

    If only there was a way this could become an official description of this ship!

  3. You can see them in Force Unleashed too when you’re being taken to the shipyard during the space battle. No X-Wings just Y-Wings, which I thought was a nice touch.

    Also, does this mean LEGO will come out with ANOTHER Y-Wing set like they have everything else?

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