Everything is Jar Jar’s fault: Last week’s best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets

Remember when we raked Courtship of Princess Leia over the coals because Luke was way too powerful? Some problems never go away.

Damn it, Jar Jar, stay OUT of publishing!

No one should rock the Jedi braid. No one.

OH, YES, PLEASE. Four months to go, and we’ve had exactly two actual announcements? Damn it, Jar Jar, our patience is beginning to fray!

Okay, okay, I’ll leave Jar Jar alone now.

Watching the films…

The Expanded Universe…

Folks are really loving Scourge… (Yes, I’ll link some full reviews later today. Patience.)

…But not everyone is thrilled with how things are going.

Current events: OF COURSE there was Tupac stuff. Everyone loves a visit from the dead.

That’s not the real Kanye, BTW.

…But some other stuff happened too.

Star Wars life…

And your weekly dose of snark.

And that’s a wrap. FOR NOW.