Does Episode VII already have an editor?

Captain AmericaIn a press release yesterday announcing that Captain America: The Winter Soldier has begun filming, Marvel credits Mary Jo Markey with also being the editor for Episode VII. Surprise!

Markey has edited much of J.J. Abrams’ work – including both his Star Treks – so it’s by no means a stretch that she’ll work on Episode VII as well. But it’s certainly not something we expect to learn from a Marvel press release!

UPDATE: Jedi News points out that IMDB also lists another frequent Abrams editor, Maryann Brandon, but IMDB is generally not to be trusted at this point. (And this raises a question… Did Marvel get their info about Markey and EpVII from IMDB? Either way, until Lucasfilm or Bad Robot weigh in, this is questionable.)

3 Replies to “Does Episode VII already have an editor?”

  1. Okay, that was a surprise. I expected to hear about concept artists and actors long before they would pick an editor. Then again, with Abrams on board, they probably got half of his usual team. I wonder if we’ll hear about Michael Giacchino next.

  2. I doubt we’ll hear anything even pseudo-official about Giacchino this early – not while John Williams is still very much a possibility.

  3. Giacchino is a given if Williams doesn’t do it. I don’t see why Williams wouldn’t do it though. I would not mind a situation where Williams wrote the themes and Giacchino scored the film if it gave Giacchino a master’s class in Star Wars composition, which benefits us in the future.

    I think Mary Jo Markey is the editor. But I don’t think she’ll be the only editor in the end.

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