Darth Who is here

Darth Paxil? No, it’s Paxis, excuse me. Anyway, the finalists in the Darth Who contest are up for voting.

In addition to Darth Paxis, (from pax, Latin for peace) we have Darth Acheron (a river in Hades,) and Darth Judicar (justice, I assume,) Darth Caedus (perhaps from the Latin caedes, carnage; casus, falling or caecus, blind) and lastly, Darth Taral, which appears to be a proper name.

ETA: The Darth Who page has updated with name definitions:

The finalist names are: Acheron (a river in Hell for those who deny justice), Caedus (a battle of darkness), Judicar (the final judge), Paxis (bringer of peace) and Taral (ancient Sith for “he who protects”).