Dark Horse’s Star Wars comics for January 2010

StarWars.com has the January comic solicitations: The Clone Wars #12, Knights of the Old Republic #49 and it looks like Legacy #44 will be channeling the spirit of Swamp Thing. And for the trades, Legacy’s just-finished ‘Tatooine’ arc.

4 Replies to “Dark Horse’s Star Wars comics for January 2010”

  1. that CW cover reminds me a lot of the Golden Age of the Sith comics… more like he’s wearing a large flat plate necklace than his armored top shirt bit.

    and yes everyone looks alike in Legacy:
    Sith. all red and tattoo-ey
    Imp Knights: all armor
    everyone else: unwashed hair and piercings. Cade needs to find Dass Jennir’s hair products, quick. Dass Jennir – the Legolas of the SW universe.

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