Complete library of Star Wars novels will be released in eBook format on June 28

As speculated not so long ago, Random House and Lucasfilm will be releasing Star Wars novels in eBook format this summer – all of them.

“Readers and fans have been asking for the Star Wars novels to be made available digitally, and we’re excited that we can finally make this happen,” said Howard Roffman, President of Lucas Licensing. “We’re committed to providing fans with great Star Wars stories that can be enjoyed on any reading platform. We’re thrilled to see the extensive backlist of Del Rey and Bantam titles made available electronically.”

The “extra content” isn’t all that noteworthy to obsessives like us, but timelines, era breakdowns and excerpts will no doubt prove useful to new and casual readers.

5 Replies to “Complete library of Star Wars novels will be released in eBook format on June 28”

  1. YAY! Now it’s going to be sooooo much easier to read my favorite novels in public with less shame!

    I’m only half-kidding. Seriously though this is great, I can’t wait to pick up the X-Wing series, TTT, and HoT for my Kindle library.


    To put it simply: I’m glad Star Wars will finally be fully available in e-book. I’m pretty sutre I’ll be instantaneously broke June 28th.

  3. This is amazing news!
    I started reading through the Star Wars books last month on my Kindle, but of course the only Star Wars eBook source that currently exists is via torrent, and already I’ve encountered some nonsensical paragraphs (obviously a result of some inaccurate scanning).
    Can’t wait! It will be great to have a neat and proberly formatted colection!
    I just hope titles and formatting are kept consistent across all titles…

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