2 Replies to “Colbert reneges on ‘promise,’ noms an Ewok”

  1. oh now that… That’s just F*ed up.

    My inner six-year-old will tell him not to Wok my ewoks, if it would be more compelling. Observe:

    Dear Mr. Colbert,

    I am Annalee’s inner six-year-old, and I have a mullet like that little blond girl from the Ewok adventures. Please don’t eat ewoks :(.

    My mommy says Gungans are way better for you (my mommy is a Sith Lord, so you should listen to her). I think you should eat Gungan so that you will be healthy and won’t die from being old like my grandpa did, because I would miss you if that happened, just like I miss my grandpa.

    -Annalee’s inner six-year-old (with mullet)

  2. I… was not expecting that. Colbert is usually kinda hit-or-miss for me, but this was one of his better gags. Funny stuff.

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