Celebration VI VIP packages go on sale tomorrow

The VIP packages for Star Wars Celebration VI will go on sale Wednesday at 3:01 p.m Eastern, according to an email sent out today. The prices have increased since last time – the Jedi Master package is $850, while the Jedi Knight is $400. They’re both limited to the same numbers, though – 50 Masters and 250 Knights.

And this is merely the public sale – the packages will first be made available to VIPs from Celebration V for 5 hours, so who knows how many will be left by then…

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  1. I don’t expect there to be many, if any, left for the public. I don’t agree with this method of selling them at all. Your status at CV should have nothing to do with what you can and can’t buy at CVI. It’s like they’re trying to make it like buying season tickets to a pro sports team. Once you’re in, you’re always in. If you’re not in, you’ll never get in.

  2. I agree: Giving preference to the CV folks is completely unfair. I really want one, but I’ll be at work at that time, and is it even worth the try?

  3. Guess it might be worth a try. I guess they won’t have 100% return on the CV VIPs, but I’m betting they’ll have a lot, which means only a handful left for the rest of us.
    I honestly only want it for the early entrance since there won’t be a Hyperspace line this time around (which I was in last time and it was very helpful).

  4. If they’re going to open early, then it should be to people who have all ready purchased. If we’ve all ready comitted and given $$$$ then we should be the ones with first right of refusal.

  5. The more I think about this, I think my bigger complaint is the VERY short notice before they go on sale. One day to decide if you want to (or even can) try to spend $400 or $850 for this isn’t enough time for the average person.

  6. I’m really going to miss the Hyperspace line. That was a nice little perk. However, I can’t justify getting the VIP ticket, even if I could manage to snag one. I just don’t have the budget for it.

  7. I am not going to CVI, nor did I go to CV, but I agree, the method and the timeline hardly seem fair.

  8. This method of selling tickets is rediculous. I tried to get VIP tickets for CV and they were gone in a few minutes. What makes them think there will be any left for the rest of us after the pre sale to CV VIP ticket holders. You would think they would want everybody to have a chance to have the VIP experience. I have already sent complaints to rebelscum, reed expo, and lucas film. I know it is too late for this convention, but you all need to complain to Reed expo so that hopefully they will not stick it to us for C VII.

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