Celebration VI schedule to be revealed in app first

Actual news in an email update? Refreshing! According to an email sent to CVI attendees about an hour ago, the program schedule will be coming to the Celebration mobile app first. No word on when the reveal will happen – early next week, perhaps? – but consider yourselves warned.

One thing we do know about the schedule: It’s 9 feet long. And it looks like this.

Extra credit if you can figure out what this means:

4 Replies to “Celebration VI schedule to be revealed in app first”

  1. My guesses are:
    50 Shades of Solo
    3D something
    It’s the 30th aniversary of ANH on video tye-in, perhaps they are skiping AOTC and going to ANH as the next 3D movie? Or showing Ep 1 in 3D?
    *grasping at straws* Some reason my brain is stuck on “30” for “remove the zero and add a D” part.

  2. I know! I know! You’re going to have a Best Male in a Slave Leia costume contest? ……No? Okay, I suppose that’s for the best, isn’t it?

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