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Imadra_blue rants on fandom perceptions of Anakin and Mace.

Lazypadawan isn’t fond of the theory that the Sith created Anakin.

Jaded_skys defends Padme, and Cadesama posted notes on the Padme/Anakin pairing.

An essay by Abel G. Peña is being published as part of an e-book.

Also on, Paul ponders who else was being held on the Death Star’s detention level, Pablo calls out Fox News for not doing their homework and Bonnie finds Indiana Jones mash-ups.

I am indebted to the fine folks at Jedi News from linking to some of the Livejournal posts.

Review: Star Wars Chronicles: The Prequels

It’s that wonderful time of the year when Lucasfilm’s licensees try to give us as much as possible to offer our friends and families to get us for the holidays.

The latest offering from the holiday collection is Star Wars Chronicles: The Prequels, by our friends Stephen J. Sansweet and Pablo Hidalgo of Lucasfilm.

At a price tag of $150, this is probably an item for your more generous relatives. But it is certainly a fantastic book.

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Crafty corner: Knitting, Falcon Mac

Star Wars-themed Fairisle knitting patterns for those who’ve moved beyond the ubiquitous Hogwarts scarves. The stormtrooper and TIE Bomber patterns seem to be crying out for the Stitch and Bitch wrist cuff treatment. Or maybe one of our more knit-literate CJers could make up a Vader or Clonetrooper pattern?

For those proficient with a dremel tool, MacMod has a step-by-step on inserting a Mac Mini and iSight camera into a Playskool Millennium Falcon. Nifty!