Catching up with The Clone Wars

We’re just under a week out from the Clone Wars finale on April 1. I’m sure the media blast has only just begun, but here’s what we have so far.

Lucasfilm held a screening of the season finale at the Presidio Friday evening. Jeff Ellis send the ForceCast a spoiler-free report.

There have been a number of interviews: Dave Filoni in USA Weekend, head writer Christian Taylor at Hero Complex, Peter Mayhew with the Daily Record, and Chewbacca himself at Yahoo.

And over at Big Shiny Robot, Bryan Young talks about getting rid of his cable and (mostly) the annoyance of different air dates and times. It’s certainly made a lot of folks cranky this week!

And after the finale, if you happen to be in San Francisco and/or attending WonderCon, there will be a panel there on the 2nd with Filoni, Mayhew, and Ashley Eckstein! Rumor has it they might show a peek at S4. And Pablo is hosting it.

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  1. I wasn’t planning on attending WonderCon, but talking with Dave Filoni and Meagan Finnerty on Friday made me change my mind. I guess I’ll be making three trips to San Francisco this month. :P

  2. So weird having to keep quiet about Padawan Lost and Wookiee Hunt on the net, knowing we’ve seen both episodes way in advance. Doesn’t quite make up for not getting the Savage Oppress trilogy on the big screen, but still kind of cool!

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