Blade Runner turns 25

Star Wars isn’t the only sci-fi classic celebrating a milestone this year – Mythbuster Adam Savage’s appreciation of Blade Runner‘s special effects in Popular Mechanics. The film is getting another DVD rerelease in September (That’s three more times than any Star Wars film so far, fanboys) and the latest version will be in theaters this fall. (via SF Signal)

When I was in college, I had an Imagemaking class where we had to create a new opening sequence for an existing movie. Inexplicably, I chose Blade Runner, which I’d never seen all the way through beforehand. Although my final project wasn’t any good (it was my first time doing anything with motion graphics – I really should have known better,) I did sit down and watch the movie several times in a matter of weeks. We know very well wasn’t the first to deal in a used future setting, but it certainly perfected it. Really, I ought to pick up that DVD…

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