“Seek what they sought:” Site breaks down the origins and influences of Star Wars

You MUST check this out: Star Wars Origins. The amount of work and research put into this site is simply amazing. There’s nothing really groundbreaking, but it’s a far more complete look at the origins of the saga than any other article or site I’ve ever seen – including the Magic of Myth book.

In depth looks at many of the things that influenced (or may have influenced) Lucas: Campbell, Flash Gordon, Kurosawa, 2001, Ben Hur, Lord of the Rings… And more. Brilliant, wonderful site. Why have I never heard of it before???

With George as my witness…

Once again, there will be no sequel trilogy. So sayth George.

“This was never planned as a nine-episode work,” Lucas said. “The media [pounced when] I made an offhand comment, ‘It might be fun to come back when everyone’s 80 and do another one of these.’ But I never had any intention of doing that.”

Retconning? Don’t know. Don’t really care. Am just happy that they’re keeping the line on this.

Also: DVD Reviews from Coming Soon, IGN, and The Digital Bits.

Movie News: King Kong, XF2, Harry Potter

Fan site Kong is King has a video production diary from Peter Jackson on the set of King Kong. Directors and fansites working together? What strange land is this?

Casting news for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: the Patil twins and Gabrielle Delacour.

X-Files 2 rumors again, this time from the lips of Robert Patrick (John Dogget.)

Dougray Scott might be the new James Bond. Tidbit: He was cast as Wolverine in X-Men, but dropped out to do Mission Impossible 2. Huh.

The Fantastic Four are set for three films. The linked article focuses on Chris Evans, who will play Johnny Storm and is currently starring in Cellular.

Hamill talks sequels

TFN posted this early in the morning and fandom went wild, as it is wont to do. Of course, they failed to clarify that Mark was talking about things George said back on the ANH set. They did edit the item this afternoon. IESB has quotes.

And for those who didn’t watch the Charlie Rose show last night, George DID say that after ROTS the story is over. Really. Over.

Of course, at the same press conference, LFL did confirm that they have a TV series in the pipeline. So who knows?