Another anniversary: The Empire Strikes Back is 32

Empire was first released on May 21, 1980. Do you remember the first time you saw it? Please don’t tell us if you weren’t born yet, it only makes us sad. (I mean, it’s okay if you didn’t see it on first release: I didn’t, either.) Tumblr is being difficult today, but I will have some stuff to celebrate.

4 Replies to “Another anniversary: The Empire Strikes Back is 32”

  1. I was 8 and we watched all 3 films in one night and then watch Empire again because it was already my favorite! After that I was a Star Wars fan! Books, comics, prequels, games and toys!

  2. i remember going to see Empire in the theater with my dad and his cousin, who was in town. we saw it at a local 4-plex which has since turned into a arthouse cinema. i remember the dagobah scenes being very dim and green, and possibly boring to a young child like myself and might have left to go to the restroom in them, or maybe after the movie. the restrooms were up a flight of stairs from the lobby. can’t really remember what i felt about the ending.

    but i still have my vintage yoda action figure (sadly no robe or snake or cane).

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