…And Murray from Accounting: Last week’s best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets

Things are getting back to normal in tweet roundup… Today, we have action figure snark, Star Wars day at the ballpark, tagging George Lucas and aliens with(out) genitals on their heads. Plus our standard selection of Expanded Universe, Star Wars life, and even a little bit of lingering #StarWarsCVI.

Best #StarWars tweets for Sept. 3-9

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I regret giving away my complete original #starwars action figure collection. I had Yak Face, Blue Snaggletooth & Murray from AccountingJames Silvani
I like to think that George Lucas didn’t really change the original Star Wars Trilogy, he just tried to add multithreading to it.Ethan Lee
Perils of Star Wars day at the ballpark. http://pic.twitter.com/hJTYR89RMolly Wood
Can you imagine Luke Skywalker going up to Darth Vader with the Joker laugh? Vader would wet himself. #starwarsYoko Higuchi
Last week I nearly got crushed by an AT-AT. That would have sucked. #StarWars http://pic.twitter.com/IKtSrh7lMatt Martin
Sometimes I watch the Star Wars movies in the wrong order & add swear words to dialogue, just as Tarantino would like.Tom Foolery™
It seems odd and highly implausible to me that none of the aliens in the Star Wars movies had genitals visible on their heads.Shkeeber
Silly human. That’s such a Star Trek move.
I’m not sure what all Facebook is wanting me to tag on this pic of George Lucas… http://pic.twitter.com/Na7S2Ia1Aaron Goins
Twitter would be so much cooler if your timeline scrolled away from you like the intro to Star Wars movies.Jackson Franke
Just finished #StarWars episode 1, watching episode 2 now. Anakin aged 15 years, Obi aged 15-20 years. Padme has not aged a day #LucasLogicAdam James Bullivant
You know Star Wars fans don’t have a name. They’re just Star Wars fans. Seems to work for them. #wishIdstartedaStarWarsbloginsteadBlogtor Who
No, you don’t. You really don’t.

Expanded Universe

You know you’re a #SWEU fan when your phone automatically capitalizes Nom.Nancipants
Just finished laying out Ch 7 in making of Jedi. Not easy, but as usual great pics–and I’m running them large whenever I can!J. W. Rinzler
I’m somewhat surprised Abeloth hasn’t become a meme like Waru yet. #StarWarsShibbo Leth
I really can’t wait to get my hands on the Essential Reader’s Companion. Loved what I saw in the print they had at CVI #SWEUBrian

Star Wars & life

My hope in humanity is restored: A little girl at the coffee shop is humming the #HarryPotter theme song and drawing a #StarWars pictureMaggie’s Mind Mumble
Every time, just before the plane revs up for takeoff, I pretend I’m Han Solo. "Punch it, Chewie." #starwarsMike Slammer
Successfully used #StarWars to explain cremation to my 5 year old. #ParentingWinMatt
For literally no reason I can fathom, I just whistled the Star Wars cantina song while waiting for a meeting in the W lobby. 3 people heard.Barrett Garese
PAYDAY! What should I do? Save? Invest? Purchase something practical? Nope. Gonna buy a lightsaber. #starwarsMatthew Comer

Celebration hangover

Found this great Star Wars – Frito Lay display at a flea market today. Too bad I’m still in debt from #StarWarsCVI :( http://pic.twitter.com/wO3HIRwmCollectorsCantina
The @RanchoObiWan Experience truck is arriving today from it’s long trip back from #StarWarsCVI – we left w/16 pallets & 24 are coming back!Consetta Parker
How was it @JATactor? ;-) #StarWarsCVI http://pic.twitter.com/wZPRmDAAJustin LaSalata
I left my #StarWarsCVI swag bag unpacked at home when I went back to college. This way, I’ve prolonged CVI until I go back to DC for break!Eric Geller
Not having #SWCVI withdrawal. I really DID just see a guy walk down the street in a Stormtrooper helmet. #StarWarsChristina Groom
I’m for Obama, but the DNConvention has nothing on the convention I went to 2 weeks ago. Not one slave Leia in sight!#StarWarsCVIJediShua
I actually regret not picking any of these up at #StarWarsCVI http://pic.twitter.com/C90fH56JDarth Daddy


I hope obituary writers keep going back to tinker w/their George Lucas columns, over and over, decades after he’s gone.John Fugelsang
Star Wars has given me unrealistic expectations of who my father is.JustChristina
The worst part of the Star Wars prequels was the lack of detail about the trade dispute. What were they even trading. THE FANS WANT TO KNOWQuinn Rattan
I used to be angry at Obi-Wan for cutting off my legs but now I’m immune to stepping on Luke’s LEGO, so I guess everything worked out.Darth Vader
My favorite Star Wars bounty hunters are Noomi Rapace, Gotye, and Papa Shango.John Gholson
"The Star Wars prequels would have been so much better if they had more Jar Jar Binks scenes." -Said. Nobody. Ever.Darth Vader

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  1. Dunc, I wanted to say that these are among my favorite posts. For whatever reason, they don’t draw much comments (because, hey, what else is left to say) but I appreciate the effort that goes into them.

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