ABC’s The Goldbergs will have a Star Wars episode on May 6

The GoldbergsI thought it was odd that Lucasfilm was collaborating with CBS’ The Big Bang Theory for a Star Wars Day episode instead of a show on Disney-owned ABC, but today we get word that The Goldbergs will have one as well – on May 6th:

The episode sees Adam (Sean Giambrone) and Erica (Hayley Orrantia) encounter elaborately costumed Star Wars fans, including Reno 911′s Thomas Lennon, while waiting in line at the Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi opening.

Now I have to wonder… Will NBC (Community? Parks and Rec?) or Fox (Brooklyn Nine-Nine?) get in on the Star Wars action as well?

2 Replies to “ABC’s The Goldbergs will have a Star Wars episode on May 6”

  1. Community has already touched Star Wars quite a bit, most notably in one of their paintball episodes. and after that GI Jeff animated episode, they probably need to leave the 80s alone right now. but do we really need every sitcom doing a star wars episode – seems like cheapening the franchise to a ratings gimmick. we already did the animated series run (Family Guy, Robot Chicken)… now to sitcoms…. and then dramas… and then reality tv.

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