ABC’s The Goldbergs will have a Star Wars episode on May 6

The GoldbergsI thought it was odd that Lucasfilm was collaborating with CBS’ The Big Bang Theory for a Star Wars Day episode instead of a show on Disney-owned ABC, but today we get word that The Goldbergs will have one as well – on May 6th:

The episode sees Adam (Sean Giambrone) and Erica (Hayley Orrantia) encounter elaborately costumed Star Wars fans, including Reno 911′s Thomas Lennon, while waiting in line at the Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi opening.

Now I have to wonder… Will NBC (Community? Parks and Rec?) or Fox (Brooklyn Nine-Nine?) get in on the Star Wars action as well?

That’s my Vader!

You know, we all have these vast little conspiracy theories about the fabled live-action Star Wars TV show… Boba Fett, lil Luke, Bail and friends… but what if it was something far more ominous? What if it was… A sithcom?

Hey, worked for Chad, didn’t it?

Video Monday

The Star Wars episode of That 70’s Show. Or skip straight to the spoof, if you have the urge to hear the term “Jedi dumbass.”

The unemployed Stormtrooper. Awww.

The PhanDom Menace, excerpt from a documentary about an Australian Star Wars fan club. Accents! Costumes! And Timothy Zahn’s in there, for some reason.

The Darklord of Stall One. Will people in Stormtrooper uniforms doing random stuff ever not be funny? Don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.

That is a freaking Stormtrooper!