A turtle farm, maybe?

GateWorld caught up with Paul McGillion (aka Carson Beckett) in Los Angeles recently to talk to him about what’s been going on.

We’ll put the specifics behind the cut for those who are staying pure (you really haven’t heard, by now?), but let’s just say it involves a protest, lots of turtles and a bagpipe band….

Yes, the good folks at SaveCarsonBeckett.com are hosting an “event” in front of The Bridge Studios, production home of Stargate. There’s going to be a bagpipe band.

Someone please tell me they’ll take pictures and video of this!

So Paul taped a message of thanks for all the support after his character’s untimely demise. And he reports that he has enough turtles to start a turtle farm, now. (The turtles are a reference to a scene in the mid-season finale in which Carson forgot to have someone take care of his pet turtles before he left Earth.)

Really. I want pictures. I want video. And yes, if it ever had a chance of working to bring Carson back? I’d be there.