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StarWars.com reveals long-lost Galaxy artwork

Kevin Nowlan’s Obi-WanHere’s more reason to get excited about Topps’ fourth Galaxy series: They’re pulling some of the art that never made the first three sets! One of these pieces – John Rheaume’s levitating Yoda – has become rather infamous over the years, but others (like Kevin Nowlan’s Obi-Wan at right) will be new to many of us:

As expected, the original artists were delighted by this belated recognition of their efforts. “How great to have my Star Wars artwork finally see the light of day!” beamed Chris Moeller, one of a handful of illustrators showcased in SWG4’s special chase set entitled “The Lost Galaxy.” His unique rendering dared to show what the stormtroopers look like beneath their helmets – a full decade before George Lucas decided that all of these ubiquitous Imperial soldiers were actually clones of Jango Fett. Indeed, Boba’s enterprising father didn’t even exist as part of the Star Wars mythology back in the ’90s.

Intriging! The six ‘Lost Galaxy’ cards will also include pieces by Joe Ciardiello, John Pound, and Tim Burgard.

Newsblast: The latest in The Clone Wars

The first review is in, and Variety seems impressed – with reservations. (Exactly how ham-handed are we going to let the ‘clonetroopers are people, too’ thing get, Lucasfilm?)

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She can see Russia from her house!

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Star Wars might not be one of Film.com’s five most rabid fanbases, but it does get a honorable mention. And I’m going to go on record saying that ‘Star Warriors’ is a damn stupid name. If that makes me our equivalent of one of those jerks that froths at the mouth over Trekkie vs. Trekker, so be it.

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