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Wacky merchandise: Millennium Falcon bottle opener

Were yesterday’s eyeglasses a bit rich for your blood? Well, here’s something a bit less pricey: Thinkgeek’s Millennium Falcon bottle opener.

If that doesn’t do it for you, ThinkGeek has a nice chunk of Star Wars stuff on sale right now. It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday shopping… Get there before Santa Maul does!

Celebration VI: Preview of the Official Store

The official store at Star Wars Celebration VI opened up for a sneak preview sale tonight. I was on hand to film the merchandise, and also got some good shots of the Jabba’s Throne Room diorama that’s really only visible from the store. They did start selling the Thursday Mara Jade busts in advance. Slipping through the shopping madness were Seth Green and Matthew Seinrich. Also, check out my photos of the convention so far – I’ll be adding to them every night, so stay tuned!

EDIT: Mara Jade statues are still in stock for Thursday!

SDCC video: Star Wars merchandise

Before we put the Comic Con files in the archives, I’ve got a few more videos to show from San Diego this past weekend. First up is a tour of some of the different licensees in the Lucasfilm area. We’ve already gotten a tour of the Her Universe booth with Ashley Eckstein, but now let’s take a look at:

  • Chairs and beanbags from Red5inc
  • Star Wars novels and guidebooks from Del Rey
  • Anovos Productions‘ costumes and props (Wait! those aren’t Star Wars!)
  • Purses, belts and other accessories from Rock Rebel
  • Museum Replicas’ line of customizable Jedi outfits, Star Wars logo lamps and lightsaber umbrellas

Awesome merchandise: Official Star Wars iPhone cases

PowerA has created these licensed Star Wars cases for the iPhone 4/4s. Artoo and Threepio are limited edition and textured – presumably the Threepio and Vader ones will be, too. (Yakface has close-ups.) Those are $39.99, while the poster ones are $29.99, pretty standard pricing for cases.

They’re not available for order yet, but I, for one, will be watching… (via)