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Out this week: WOTC, Legacy, TCW

I’m always a week behind on the RPG releases, so gamers ought to have no trouble finding Wizard’s Jedi Academy Training Manual this week. No idea if there’s anything of use to non-gamers in there, but the cover is nice.

As for Wednesday… Diamond hasn’t updated their shipping list yet, but Midtown Comics is listing Legacy #36, The Clone Wars: Wind Raiders Of Taloraan and the second Vector collection.

Out this week: Coruscant Nights, Legacy, Vector

The third and final Coruscant Nights novel, Patterns of Force, will be in bookstores tomorrow. And comic fans won’t go empty-handed this week, either: Both Legacy #32 and the first Vector TPB are on Diamond’s shipping list for Wednesday. I’m also hearing that the latest Star Wars Insider is now in stores.

Comic old, comics new: Sneak peek at new KOTOR, taking in all of Vector

Editor Dave Marshall talks a wee bit about Knights Of The Old Republic #37, plus a nine page preview. (Alas, the issue didn’t come out yesterday – at least not if you believe Diamond.)

Meanwhile, CBR has John Jackson Miller, John Ostrander, Jan Duursema and Randy Stradley to talk about Vector now that it’s done – and/or the first trade is imminent, depending on your point of view. But the piece does contain spoilers.

April comics: Dark Times, Legacy, and more

In addition to the big Blood Oath reveal, last night brought us Dark Horse’s April solicitations. Included are the return of Dark Times; Knights of the Old Republic #40; Legacy #35 and The Clone Wars #5 (Slave girl outfits for everyone!) And lastly, the second Vector collection, including its run in Rebellion and Legacy. Don’t plan to skip this one if you’re following Legacy in trades!

Out this week: Shadows of Mindor, Legacy, TCW

IMAGE: Rogue Leader by Dave SeeleyA good number of you probably don’t need me to tell you that Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor will be in stores tomorrow, but so it is. Also, the paperback of the Legacy of the Force finale, Denning’s Invincible.

Comic fans won’t go empty-handed this week, either: Arriving in comic stores on Friday (not Wednesday!) will be The Clone Wars: Crash Course and the Vector conclusion, aka Legacy #31.

EUbits: Jedi Quest audio, interviews, comics

Surprise audiobooks! A couple days ago, Zee Zee spotted audiobook listings on the Random House catalog for the first four Jedi Quest books: Way of the Apprentice, The Trail of the Jedi, The Dangerous Games and The Master of Disguise. All four are listed as $9.99 unabridged digital downloads with spring release dates.

Audiobooks years after the fact? Plus, the original books were published by Scholastic, which isn’t a Random House imprint, though the audio versions are listed under Random House’s Imagination Studios. (Del Rey’s Star Wars audiobooks are Random House Audio.) Lucasbooks is clearly trying something new here, but we’re still awaiting some kind of confirmation…

EUbits: Ostrander, Miller, Wallace and Hasbro

Legacy #30 / Vector #11

Out this week: Death Star PB, Legacy/Vector

The paperback of Death Star, by by Steve Perry & Michael Reaves, will be cruising into bookstores tomorrow. Roleplayers or the detail-oriented might also want to look for WOTC’s Scum and Villainy supplement, which came out last week.

As for comic fans, Wednesday will bring the Vector storyline even closer to an end with part 11 (of 12) in Legacy #30.