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Trailer park: Harrison Ford harnesses the minds of children for war, because why not

And it’s the first trailer for the Ender’s Game adaption, which really wants you know that a bunch of these actors have been up for/won Oscars. (Ford was nominated for Witness in 1985, which I can’t blame anyone for forgetting) Book fans may want to check out io9’s spoiler-full screencap study of the trailers.

Below the cut, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost go pubbing, George Clooney and Sandra Bullock get lost in space, and… Alien folksingers, because why not?

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Video: It’s almost time for more Doctor Who!

The back half of Season 7 comes to BBC and BBC America in a matter of weeks! That’s the BBC promo above, but Entertainment Weekly has another trailer with different footage. And yes, you will spy Star Wars alum Warwick Davis – he appears in the second-to-last episode of the season

The show is back March 30th on both sides of the pond.