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More on Free Comic Book Day’s Star Wars offering

As announced last December, Dark Horse Comics is releasing Star Wars comics as part of their annual freebie book for Free Comic Book Day, which is on Saturday, May 2, 2009.  A preview of the book is up – and it contains a Kit Fisto story, ‘The Gauntlet of Death‘. The free 28 page comic will also contain stories of Emily the Strange, Usagi Yojimbo and other Dark Horse properties suitable for all ages, and has a flip cover. Dark Horse also had a second freebie book for 2009, with a flip cover, helping to relaunch their Aliens and Predator comic tie-in series – check out the preview.

Out this week: The Clone Wars, FOTJ spoilers

More disturbing-clad slave-world action in tomorrow’s only Star Wars release, The Clone Wars #4. And on the subject of future releases, there are Fate of the Jedi: Outcast spoilers out and about already. (The book is out March 24, and it seems early even for regular reader copies: It appears ARCs are the culprit.) If you’re into spoilers, you know where to go to find them; If you’re not, it’s time to avoid a few key sites.

EUbits: Deathtroopers, comics, new short story

The hype continues. Joe Schreiber reports that that the first look at Deathtroopers got over 50,000 page views. It’s officially big on the internet! (Plus he’ll be at NYCC this weekend with some extremely unofficial swag – the book’s soundtrack.)

Meanwhile, we have another sighting: Literary agent Colleen Lindsay, with nothing but praise.

EUbits: Gizmodo discovers the GFFA; TFU up for writing award; First look at Insider #107

Great things on the Wookieepedia: Gizmodo has blogged the Wookieepedia’s galaxy map (originally appeared in Star Wars Insider #65) thus making it legitimately cool on the internet. Or something. Not that I’m saying you kids still don’t have some work to do.

  • Comics: Randy Stradley has an update at Dark Horse’s Star Wars Zone. Big news is that The Clone Wars comic will go on (monthly!) for six more issues. And there will be two big announcements at New York Comic-Con.
  • The Force Unleashed: The game is a nominee for the WGA’s award for 2008′s best videogame writing. (via)

  • Magazines: Could the Star Wars Insider be on the road to improvement with a new editor?
  • Authors: Karen Traviss is up for the Philip K. Dick award for the final book in her Wess’har series, Judge.

April comics: Dark Times, Legacy, and more

In addition to the big Blood Oath reveal, last night brought us Dark Horse’s April solicitations. Included are the return of Dark Times; Knights of the Old Republic #40; Legacy #35 and The Clone Wars #5 (Slave girl outfits for everyone!) And lastly, the second Vector collection, including its run in Rebellion and Legacy. Don’t plan to skip this one if you’re following Legacy in trades!

Out this week: Shadows of Mindor, Legacy, TCW

IMAGE: Rogue Leader by Dave SeeleyA good number of you probably don’t need me to tell you that Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor will be in stores tomorrow, but so it is. Also, the paperback of the Legacy of the Force finale, Denning’s Invincible.

Comic fans won’t go empty-handed this week, either: Arriving in comic stores on Friday (not Wednesday!) will be The Clone Wars: Crash Course and the Vector conclusion, aka Legacy #31.